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"There's gotta be a better way..."

That’s what I thought as I found myself sitting in another doctor's office at 26 years old…

As the nurse practitioner nonchalantly told me “...your next treatment will be the removal of your uterus…” my heart sank.

I was devastated thinking about losing a part of what makes me a woman or not being able to have children one day.

Thankfully, my lowest point was also my blessing as deep with me...

I knew there was a better way to heal my body than undergoing the continual surgeries and filling my body with pain meds.

That's when I took matters into my own hands and transformed my health journey...

I began visiting naturopathic doctors + acupuncturists, researching proper nutrition + supplements, and diving into energy healing + mindset training as I learned that in order to heal, the whole person needs to be treated AND treated from the inside out.

6 months later and by pursuing a holistic approach, my uterus was still intact, health was improving and my life began to transform…

By taking 100% responsibility for my wellness, things began to change; I quit my job, used my gifts even more, and discovered the secret behind truly healing your body; getting back into the FLOW.

I created my FLOW process (Find your way, Love yourself enough, Own the tools and strategies, Wellness practices to live your best life), began implementing FLOW into my own life, and experienced first hand the impact it made on my journey back to wholeness.

Now, through a blend of art and science, I help women bring their body + energy back into harmony and implement the FLOW process into their lives as well.

As a weaver of truth, I’m proud to guide my clients in reconnecting with their whole self by discovering what the true problem is, unblocking what’s keeping them stuck, and creating a space for them to heal so that they can live the vibrant, energy-filled life they are meant to live.

If you too want to heal your body holistically, from the inside out, I now offer both in-person and virtual healing sessions.

Each session is unique for each client, but all follow my FLOW process and incorporate aspects of Physical Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Reiki, Four-Direction Healing, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, and a bit of magic (aka, my intuitive gifts) to maximize your healing!

I can’t wait to help you heal and get back into your flow...

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